Smart State Objectives


Provide enabling infrastructure to supportthe job of the new economyand to compete regionally/globally for high quality jobs.


Create an ecosystem for citizens to be happier, healthier and wealthier. To be supported by ubiquitous digital infrastructure which makes Government services instantly and conveniently available anytime, anywhere.


To safeguard the cleanliness of our environment for future generation.

Selangor to become a premier, regional Smart State in ASEAN by 2025

To realise this vision of Smart Selangor as the most liveable state in Malaysia

Five Enablers That Will Drive Our Smart State Initiatives


Experience our smart initiatives envisioned to enhance our Smart Selangor vision.

Citizen E-Payment

Citizen E-Payment (CEPat) is the digital platform to facilitate faster time-to-market for existing legacy application to be accessible to mobile devices. It serves as an alternative single online platform to enable all Local Authorities in Selangor to collaborate and integrate common services to citizens.

Smart Selangor Parking

Smart Selangor Parking (SSP) provides convenience to the citizens to pay services and compounds via a single, smart mobile application across local authorities in Selangor.

Communities OnLine

Communities OnLine (COOL) smart mobile application is developed to enable citizen engagement between the Selangor citizen and the State Government. It is also a central avenue for the citizens to obtain information on the 56 Selangor State Assemblymen.

Selangor Intelligent Transport System

The Selangor Intelligent Transport System (SITS) smart mobile application enables the Smart Selangor free bus passengers to plan their bus journey effectively, covering the entire 12 local councils in Selangor.

Smart Pasar & Farmers

Smart Selangor Pasar provides an avenue to enable Selangor citizens to obtain fresh produce from the wet market and farms in Selangor via an online portal to be delivered to their doorstep.

Intelligent Response Selangor

Intelligent Response Selangor (i-RS) is a smart mobile application developed to monitor reported road incidents in Selangor. Currently, it is used to monitor reported potholes location and repairs in Selangor, widely used by the Selangor Local Councils, Selangor District Offices, as well as the Selangor Public Works Department.

Smart Selangor Bus Stop

The Smart Selangor Smart Bus Stop fulfils the needs of users that incorporates several smart element to ensure public safety, convenient and comfort.


Activ8 is a volunteer initiative by Smart Selangor, established to help boost the awareness on Smart Selangor as well as to conduct outreach and crowd sourcing programmes and activities and which will foster closer relations between members of the public and the government.

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Smart Selangor Blueprint